About the WebSite

This website and blog belong to Sindh Ventures Sdn Bhd (formerly known as Sindh Healthcare Sdn Bhd), company number 733414-W, incorporated in Malaysia and operating from Melaka, Malaysia, since 2007. The company runs an online sales website melakastore.com.

About the editor

This website, IdeasAndReviews.Com, and blog are maintained by the Managing Director of the company, Dr. Mir Atta M. Talpur. Dr. Mir is a Medical medical doctor since 1988 and has vast experience in many other spheres of life. He also has agriculture farms as well as is involved in the online business since last 2012. Dr. Mir writes mostly on the topics of his interest especially those on whom he has authority.

On this site, as the name suggests, you’d find (in near future) outstanding ideas and extraordinary reviews things, services, topics etc under various categories. Mir will be the writer in most cases but there may be some other writers contributing. Such post would be clearly indicated.

So stay tuned and keep visiting this site for new articles, ideas, and reviews.


Managing Director, Sindh Ventures Sdn Bhd, Melaka, Malaysia.
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