Stress Management Articles and Resources You Cannot Ignore

Stress management articles, links, resources are given on this page in continuation of one of the earlier article on the topic of stress – How to overcome stress?  I had explained in detail as to how to manage stress in that article.  In this article, I would list down some important books, articles, links, blogs, websites, scientific journals, and other resources which you cannot simply ignore if you are serious in tackling your stress and related problems, like anxiety, panic attack, GAD etc. Most of these resources are self-help style for educational purpose and do not replace a professional medical advice from your doctor or psychiatrist.


Useful Stress Management Books

Who Moved My Cheese?: An Amazing Way to Deal with Change in Your Work and in Your Life – by Spencer Johnson and Kenneth Blanchard

This is an excellent book by Spencer Johnson. Uncertain tomorrow (aka future) is a big cause of stress and worry among a vast number of people. This book will help you manage your change and uncertainties. The “cheese” is actually a metaphor for “what you want to have in your life – whether it is a good job, a loving relationship, money, a possession, health or spiritual peace of mind.” In the story written in this book, two mice and two little mice size humans live in the maze (aka workplace or a living place) and one day they are exposed to a new situation – someone moved their cheese. This book highlights how these characters can face change. Those who are ready for a change and those who just want to wait for the situation to change. It teaches anticipating the change and adjusting the attitudes towards changes in life – and the like techniques to achieve stress-free life. [Click Here]

How To Stop Worrying And Start Living – by Dale Carnegie

This is a classic, evergreen, the most powerful and life-changing book written by Dale Carnegie decades ago, which is still a ‘must-read’ for anyone serious to overcome his or her worries. Though written decades ago, his methods are built upon human behavior which has unchanged since long – time-tested to conquer worry. Read it, you won’t regret. [Click Here]

Happy Self: A Three-Step Strategy To Elevate Your Inner Game – by Tracy Fox

In a simple and effective way, Tracy Fox writes about the practical truths that would help you find the peace and personal happiness you long for. Being a strategic life coach she says she has known many people who have nice homes, secure jobs and country club memberships, and also those who have struggled to make both ends meet. “However,” she says, “no matter what the obvious cultural differences, it turns out that everyone has one core desire in common. We all just want to be HAPPY.” And the biggest enemy of happiness – and the biggest obstacle of course – is “stress”. Read this beautiful book to overcome this obstacle and come closer to the desire of your dreams – HAPPINESS. [Click Here]

The Upside of Stress: Why Stress Is Good for You, and How to Get Good at It – by Kelly McGonigal

Kelly McGonigal highlights new research on the basis of which she suggests not to perceive stress as ‘enemy’. Instead, you should learn to embrace it. If you stop perceiving it as your enemy, it can actually help you become stronger, smarter and happier. Reading this book can help you cultivate a mindset to embrace stress, you can learn how stress can actually provide you focus and energy. Besides you can learn how stress can help you connect and strengthen relationships. And stress can help you learn from challenging experiences. Learning all this can bring stability to your mind and save you from harmful effects of stress. [Click Here]

Stress Management Articles in Scientific Journals

International Journal of Stress Management

The journal of American Psychological Association publishes high-quality, peer-reviewed original research, including qualitative, quantitative empirical, theoretical, historical, and review articles, as well as brief reports, book reviews, and editorials.

Effects of Physical Exercise on Anxiety, Depression and Sensitivity to Stress – A Unifying Theory.

A research study by Peter Salmon, Department of Clinical Psychology, University of Liverpool .

When Change Causes Stress: Effects of Self-construal and Change Consequences

A research paper by Barbara Wisse published in the Journal of Business and Psychology,  June 2016. The finding suggests that the change is more likely to lead to stress when the change has consequences for matters that are central to employees’ sense of self.

Some Useful Self-Help Programs

Stress Management Course
Helping you to end your anxiety and panic attacks fast

If you suffer from anxiety while driving, shopping, or at work, this program may be helpful. They offer one-minute free anxiety test as well. They help you become free, naturally, from having another panic attack or experience Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD). Their statistics show that about 70,000 people in 32 countries have benefited from this program. Everyone has used this program – from soccer moms to famous celebrities. To run the anxiety and panic away [Click Here]

Social Expression program to help you give up social anxiety.

This program is for shy and anxious people. It can help you get authentic confidence with real and powerful connection skills. You can learn why your self-esteem doesn’t work and why the self-acceptance is the way. If you are stuck with shyness and social anxiety thing and want to be truly successful, you may consider exploring more about this coaching program by [Clicking Here]

Holistic Drug Free Panic Attack & Anxiety Treatment Program

This program is designed for those who are struggling to treat their panic attacks and general anxiety. Those who feel frustrated, have constant worry and stress for not being able to appropriately deal with anxiety in spite of all their efforts. Those who wish to participate in certain situations or do soething but cannot because of their tendency of avoidence would also benefit from this program. It is also good for those who feel that life is just passing by or have fear of leaving their house or making business or travel plans and holiday trips. This program may also be helpful to those who feel they are like prisoners to their panic attacks. To explore more, [Click Here]


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